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The Client

Growing up in Sweden, Hanna Ascough always had a love of animals. Dogs, cats, horses and bunnies all played a huge part in her life. Hanna is committed to providing the highest level of service for furry and non-furry clients, which means she is always engaging with the most current research and methodology.

The Challenge

Collaborating with Ryan from Gittings Studio, our goal for Wonder Pups was crystal clear. We aimed to create a website that would truly stand out from the competition and effectively convey Hannah's personality and passion. We understood that this couldn't be just another ordinary dog training website. Our objective was to design an extraordinary online presence that captures the essence of Wonder Pups and sets them apart

The Solution

We chose a vibrant color palette that adds a playful and lively touch to the website. By organizing the pages into distinct blocks and prioritizing the delivery of essential information, we ensure potential clients have a clear and effortless navigation experience. Our focus is to provide a seamless journey for visitors, allowing them to easily access the most important details about Wonder Pups' services.

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We placed our adorable furry friends at the heart of the website design, because who can resist the charm of these lovable companions?


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